S3D MediMagic

S3D MediMagic is the world's first stereoscopic medical education platform mapped to the global medical education curriculum. It uses high definition stereoscopic images, models and visuals to bring in-depth perception of various Anatomical structures and Physio biochemical functions.

The digital content for MediMagic is prepared by renowned professors with exponential amount of experience in the field of medical education. MediMagic also follows a very progressive pedagogy in preparing digital content for medical education.

MediMagic comes in two versions:

1. Tutor Version helps the professors as a teaching tool.

2. Student Version helps the students prepare for the class and revise for the medical curriculum.


The tutor version of MediMagic is a teaching aid helping the professors in visualising extremely intricate structures and functional processes in medical education.

The tutor version comes with a unique annotation and labelling feature on an annotation pen tablet with an infrared stylus on a digital podium, which can be used to project videos, showcase anatomy models and high definition images in a lecture hall in High Definition Stereoscopic 3D paraphernalia. The videos can be paused at any point of time and the professor can then proceed to annotate structures with highlights and labels on the projected screen so the students can view each and every step of the structure drawn. The professor can mute the MediMagic voice over and start using his voice on to the running stereoscopic videos.

All this can be done with ease of a stylus on the MediMagic platform!


MediMagic has also brought about a student version with the sole perspective to help students. Research has shown that the most progressive methods of learning ensures the best retention among students by pre-learning and post learning within a very short interval of time after the delivery of lecture. The two, learning and memory are almost implicitly related. Revision of the lecture at the earliest possible time will influence the process of memory that has lasting impact in understanding the course content.

The student version comes in the form of an app which can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device. The highly user friendly interface of the MediMagic app allows the student to learn the lessons mapped to the curriculum before going to the classroom sessions. This helps students understand the lessons in a better way.

The students can use this app to see the lessons in the form of splendid three dimensional videos for revision purposes. The MediMagic student version will be an added bibliography to the students. That way they can be prepared for any future assessment and revision.

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