Shri DV Sadananda Gowda

Honourable Central Minister - Statistics and Programme Implementation

“ This 3D technology will be useful for persons who teach.. useful for easy understanding and capture by students… Central Government and State Governments should make use of such services. This technology will give us more strength to provide proper education in various fields across the country.”

Dr. Shri Sharan Prakash Rudrappa Patil

Honourable Minister for Medical Education, Government of Karnataka

“I congratulate Vinformax… and will support this technology in my department”

Shri UT Khader

Honourable Minister for Food and Public Distribution, Government of Karnataka

“It is a project with a lot of foresight… and world leading technologies are happening in our country.”



Dr. V Balasubramanyam

E learning practitioner, Professor and Head of Anatomy, St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore

“(S3D MediMagic) provides a radial shift in learning from static textbook based script and images.

Institutions with cadaver shortage will find this software extremely useful. The combined effort of medical teachers and programmers will translate into highly valued software for various healthcare undergraduate courses across the world.”

Dr. C. N Chandra Shekar, PhD

Former Professor of Physiology and Neurosciences, AUA College of Medicine, Antigua

Former Course Director and Chair, KMC-IC Manipal

Vinformax has taken the lead to develop S3D MediMagic for all courses encompassing Health Sciences in general and medical curricula in particular… They have done good research to understand the generality of the course contents in different continents and tried to provide a common platform as much as possible in respect of each course content.

(I found) course material developed by them in Physiology and Biochemistry to be quite interesting, informative and complementary to the learning process. Perhaps for the first time in the world anybody in the world has taken the lead to tread this path.

Dr. Kiran TV, MBBS, M.D.

Associate Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore

“S3D MediMagic made teaching Anatomy an easy task. It helps the student to get a three-dimensional orientation of the anatomical structures and their relations. The scintillating visuals linger in the students’ long term memory. I have never seen anything like this in my career. This is a paradigm shift in teaching Anatomy.”



It was useful and interesting to watch. (S3D MediMagic) helped me get a proper orientation of the topic!

The visuals help us understand better

Transcription was depicted beautifully! I actually understood most of the concepts after seeing the video.

It was outstanding. I get a proper orientation of anatomy.


Immersive and Interesting

Just Wow! It was like watching a Hollywood movie!

Crisp, adequate, bright and informative

The 3D model and animations help in easier retention and recall.

Organs and glands were clearly visualized. Veins and arteries were nicely explained. Overall excellent video!

It helps us understand the difficult & complex anatomical structures better

Understanding Ultra-microscopic Molecular Science was mind blowing