At Vinformax, we create products and solutions that matter to our clients, to our clients businesses and to their customers. We do this by constantly and meticulously looking at the functionality of each of our products and services, ensuring that they are always true to their individual value propositions. We take pride in the simplicity of their use. We ensure they are solving genuine, complex business problems. And our customers love the way they look and feel! We cherish praise from our customers and users of our products. Little wonder then, that as a philosophy, we never really sell products. we simply break down barriers to growth.

Our footprint predominantly encompasses Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Government, SME & Institutional, although we love a challenge in any field! Our state-of-the-art solutions include e-Health card, app-based healthcare solutions, hospital management systems, Stereoscopic 3D, 2D/3D Animation and graphics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Cloud-based portals, Business Process Optimisation, IOT, SEO, Consulting and Digital Transformation. Formed two years ago and headquartered in London, the world as financial and services hub, with a creative team in Stockholm, home to some of the world as brightest ideas, a strong operational presence in Silicon Valley, California, the technology and innovation capital of the world, and operating out of Bengaluru and Chennai. Vinformax is a vibrant team of over 250 professionals out to achieve the best.

Vinformax Dimensions Technology

There has been a massive revolution in the field of education from static textbooks to 2D/3D Visuals. Vinformax Dimensions Technology takes a step further to introduce state-of-the-art Stereoscopic 3D solutions in the field of medical education. It inculcates self-teaching and interactive learning by students. Synthesizing core information with rich media content and animation features, it brings any dry subject to life, thus ensuring full engagement of the learner.

Vinformax Dimensions Technolgy designs immersive 3D steroscopic animations for medical education. We are creating a massive revolution by thoroughly engaging the learners in extensive animations for concepts that are hard to imagine.

Vinformax Dimensions Technolgy is the creator of S3D MEDIMAGIC- a curriculum based Digital content for Medical Education, recreated in the state-of-art stereoscopic 3D animation (or 3D Stereoscopy or S3D) which would enable medical students to understand the intricacies of the MBBS lessons. It also helps teachers in teaching the subjects better. S3D MediMagic by Vinformax Dimensions Technology offers detailed 3D educational material in the departments of Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Histology, Medical Neuroanatomy, Medical Embryology.